leblueduck offers an A to Z global solution for photo & video working with its own solid and established network for the Big 3 (Europe, Asia, America).


To achieve its goals & contribute to solving challenges of our World, leblueduck aims to work with locally based partners all around big cities of the world, in order not to have anyone flying, for a more sustainable World. and deliver carbon free creative content.


leblueduck is from now on located in France, with its network throughout the major cities of South East Asia, Europe and Middle East, North and South America : Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Brussels, Seoul, Toronto, Singapore, Roma, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Dubai, etc.

Originally based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, in the early 2000s, working mainly for the major world wide photo agencies (Corbis and Getty Images), as well as for the asian photo agencies (AsiaPix in Singapore and Imagine China for China), the photo agency moved towards corporate photography, specializing in architecture photography for airports' duty-free retail stores, downtown retail stores, shopping mall, and downtown boutiques.



Florence DELABY


Agency's director and photographer, Florence has worked in the photography and video industry for 25 years.

She started her career as photo editor in Paris, then art director for Getty Images before founding her own photo agency.

More on Florence's photographies through her web site florencedelaby.com


Vanille LAMON


Project manager and assistant photographer, Vanille studied communication and marketing. After 2 years on a work-study basis and experience in the deployment of print marketing campaigns nationwide, she joined the agency.


Our worldwide locally based photographers for the photo & video shootings & our partners for the post production and our technical services provided.